Lina Allemano
photo by Dougal Bichan

"(Trumpeter) Lina Allemano is one of the most exciting new voices of the last few years" [Brian Morton, Point of Departure, June 2013].

"Trumpeter Lina Allemano is especially good at the melodification of thought and sound. Her finely textured improvisations are always intent but casual, as if she were merely picking out notes and phrases that have always been there, waiting to be made audible" [Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail, Nov 2010].

LINA ALLEMANO is a Canadian trumpeter, improviser, and composer based in Toronto ON since 1993, originally hailing from Edmonton AB. She has an active international career, performing and recording cutting-edge contemporary music primarily in free-jazz/improvised/experimental/avant-garde settings, but also working in a wide array of other genres. For the past several years, Lina has been splitting her time between Toronto and Berlin, with one foot in Berlin's flourishing and uncompromising art-music scene and the other foot in Toronto's vibrant but somewhat under-the-radar experimental-music scene. Lina was featured as one of the top innovative trumpeters for the future in DownBeat Magazine, and her trumpet playing, compositions, and artistic vision have gained her international recognition as being "adventurous, expressive, compelling, forward thinking, inventive, and sophisticated".

As well as leading her longtime acoustic free-jazz band, LINA ALLEMANO FOUR, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015, she also fronts the electric improvising group, TITANIUM RIOT. She has been touring extensively with both bands all across Europe, USA, and Canada for many years. (See below for more info on these groups). Lina is also busy collaborating with a very long and ever-expanding list of exciting international improvisers, and is a member of many other active creative groups as a side-person. As a composer, she has been commissioned to compose works for such ensembles as Vancouver's NOW Orchestra. Lina has released 8 of her own internationally-acclaimed albums on her Lumo Records label - 6 with LINA ALLEMANO FOUR featuring her original compositions: Sometimes Y (2017), Live at the Tranzac (2012), Jargon (2010), Gridjam (2008), Pinkeye (2006), and Concentric (2003) - and 2 with TITANIUM RIOT: Squish It! (2017), Kiss the Brain (2014). Her trumpet playing can also be heard on over 40 other albums as well as countless film and television soundtracks.

Lina has received support from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council.  Lina is a Yamaha Artist.

Lina Allemano Four
photo by fedge

Lina Allemano  trumpet
Brodie West  alto saxophone
Andrew Downing  double bass
Nick Fraser  drums

Hailed as one of Canada's leading avant-garde/free-jazz bands, Toronto-based LINA ALLEMANO FOUR is known internationally for their inventiveness, playfulness, and synergy as they deftly blur the line between composition and improvisation. The band has been touring extensively since 2005 all across Europe, USA and Canada. Their music has been described as abstract melodicism, combining lush colours with dense free-flowing rhythmic textures. "Lina Allemano and her band have created an eclectic sound that makes its own synthesis of tradition and avant-garde, of structure and freedom, of clever composition and emotional depth, of abstraction and warmth... beautiful and moving and fun." [Stef Gijssels, The Free Jazz Collective (Belgium), Nov 2012]. The band's first 4 albums received many accolades internationally, and they release their fifth album, Sometimes Y, in Nov 2017.

Recent major international tours have brought LINA ALLEMANO FOUR to USA in Oct 2015 and Sept 2013, and to Europe in Apr 2014 and Oct 2012. The band was invited to perform in New York City at the prestigious FONT Festival of New Trumpet Music in both 2013 and 2010. In 2013, LINA ALLEMANO FOUR was also invited to perform at the renowned international experimental film festival, Images Festival, playing their own new original live scores for 1960's experimental short films. The band has been an invited headliner at many other festivals including Ann Arbor's 2015 Edgefest, Montreal's 2014 Festival of New Trumpet Music, Toronto's 2013 Somewhere There Festival of Creative Music, and more. LINA ALLEMANO FOUR has also done many educational workshops on their progressive musical concepts for universities, colleges and schools across Canada, USA, and Europe.

LINA ALLEMANO FOUR has received support from Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council.

Lina Allemano's TITANIUM RIOT

photo by fedge

Lina Allemano  trumpet
Ryan Driver  analog synth
Rob Clutton  electric bass
Nick Fraser  drums

Lina Allemano's TITANIUM RIOT is "imaginative... surreal... oddly compelling" [Wholenote Magazine]. Lina's Toronto-based TITANIUM RIOT is an accidentally-psychedelic improvising powerhouse with a unique electric-acoustic aesthetic, combining an unusual instrumentation of acoustic trumpet (with acoustic sound-manipulation), analog synth, electric bass, and drums. Called "uncompromisingly explorative" by Europe's experimental music journal Tokafi, the band creates episodic soundscapes and electrically-charged improvisational adventures that unfold with an inviting and organic ebb and flow. TITANIUM RIOT's evolutionary history has its roots in two of Lina's earlier experimental groups: "N" (founded 2005) which gradually fused together with the short-lived Titanium Trio (2010-2012) to form the current quartet incarnation in early 2013.

TITANIUM RIOT's debut album, Kiss the Brain, was released to rave reviews internationally in late 2014, with major tours in Europe in Nov/Dec 2016, USA in May 2015, and Canada in Mar 2016 and Oct 2014. The band has also been an invited headliner at many festivals including Montreal's 2016 Festival of New Trumpet Music, Ottawa's 2014 IMOO Improvised Music Festival, and others. In Nov 2016, the band was invited to perform an improvised live film soundtrack to a classic 1920's silent film at Filmpodium in Zürich Switzerland. TITANIUM RIOT releases their second album, Squish It!, in Nov 2017.

Allemano uses "pure, manic energy to push the music's abstract shapes into something visceral and thrilling" [Chicago Reader]. "Allemano is one of the more imaginative trumpet voices... (she) eschews structure for passion. Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot plays without barriers or borders using a blank slate and the wherewithal to quickly fill it up with complete sketches that are engaging, provocative and esoteric" [Something Else!].

Lina Allemano's TITANIUM RIOT has received support from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council.