photo by Manuel Miethe

"Extraordinary composer, musician and improvising trumpeter Lina Allemano has long since set about creating a brave new musical world" - Raul da Gama, Toronto Music Report

"Lina Allemano has long been considered one of North America’s most talented and adventurous trumpet players" - Colin Story, The WholeNote Magazine

New Special-Edition Release, Celebrating Lumo Records 20th Anniversary...
Lina Allemano, CANONS
(for Trumpet and Creative Chamber Ensembles) official release date Dec 8, 2023
Available now for Pre-Order !

Lina Allemano, CANONS: Releases Dec 8, 2023. Available now for Pre-Order!

NEWS, 2023:

>> DownBeat Magazine's 2023 Annual International Critics Poll names LINA ALLEMANO in 'Rising Star Trumpet' category & LINA ALLEMANO FOUR in 'Rising Star Jazz Group' category !

>> New Album PIPE DREAM by LINA ALLEMANO FOUR on Lumo Records called "One of the year’s most significant jazz recordings"... [Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote].

NEWS, 2023:

>> 'When Adventure Calls...' Feature Interview with Lina Allemano in May/June 2023 issue of freiStil Magazine (Austria), including CD Review of Lina Allemano Four's new album Pipe Dream(German language)

NEWS, 2022:

>> LINA ALLEMANO FOUR album VEGETABLES nominated for 2022 JUNO Awards 'Jazz Album of the Year (Group)' !

>> LINA ALLEMANO included in DownBeat Magazine Annual Critics Poll 2022 list for 'Rising Star Trumpet' & LINA ALLEMANO FOUR included for 'Rising Star Jazz Group' !


Trumpet & Drums REMIX Festival
Serial digital album in 5 weekly installments. 1 unadulterated trumpet & drums duo track + 1 remix track released every Monday for 5 weeks: Oct 4 - Nov 1, 2021. Full album now available on Lumo Records !

Lina Allemano, trumpet & Nick Fraser, drums + Remix artists from New York City, Berlin & Toronto: Mira Martin-Gray, Bryan Qu, Karen Ng, Nick Dunston