MIKE SMITH live-processing / effects

>> BLOOP is featured on the new album Lina Allemano, CANONS on Lumo Records !

BLOOP creates a dreamlike sound world of trumpet-driven electronics through a fascinating and complex real-time feedback loop of improvisation and effects that bounce back and forth simultaneously between Lina Allemano (trumpet) and Mike Smith (live-processing/effects). In conceptual development since 2017, the duo creates otherworldly music that is both melodic and gestural. Original source sound-material is generated by Allemano’s acoustic trumpet and live-processed with effects by Smith. Along with haunting melodies, Allemano creates unusual but purely acoustic sounds on the trumpet using extended techniques and self-made mutes (sounds which are ironically often mistaken for electronic effects). Both improvisers respond to and interact with each other in tandem, blurring the line between acoustic and electronic sound worlds and creating intriguing and seamless spontaneous compositions.

Their debut album PROOF was released on LUMO RECORDS to wide international acclaim with favourable reviews across many publications including The Wire, New York City Jazz Record, Something Else! Reviews, Vital Weekly, Freistil Magazin (Austria), Lira Musikmagasin (Sweden), Off Topic Magazine (Italy), Touching Extremes, Avant Music News (USA), All About Jazz (USA), Jazz’Halo (Belgium), Dusted Magazine, Citizen Jazz (France), JazzTimes Magazine (USA) and many more, and was named one of the top albums of 2021 by EXBERLINER (Germany).

BLOOP was a headliner act at the 2024 Women From Space Festival, the 2022 TONE Festival, the 2021 FONT Festival of New Trumpet Music (New York City), and the 2021 Toronto Jazz Festival.